About Us

The OOY will be coordinating services for youth birth through high school. To be effective in this goal, there must be partnerships, first with our youth, but also with their families. Our young people have valuable opinions and perspectives and we work to see and understand things through their eyes. We will embrace opportunities to step outside of traditional student-teacher roles, and allow our youth to lead. In their unique understanding and interactions with the world, we understand our young people may very well be the innovation, creativity, and heart we as a community and the world are seeking.

It’s often been said that, “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow” or, “Today’s youth are our future.” These are both true, but they are also limiting the potential of our young people. They will be powerful in the future, but they ARE also powerful now. We are in the business of taking the limits off of our young people and challenging them to realize their potential right now. They can and will make great contributions today, and well into the future!