Grant’s Cabin– He wanted to be close to his troops

Grant’s Headquarters at City Point

1001 Pecan Avenue, (804) 458-9504

From June 1864-April 1865, General Ulysses S. Grant directed the 10-month Siege of Petersburg from the grounds of Appomattox Plantation at City Point. During this period, City Point served as a supply center for 100,000 Union soldiers. Located at the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers, it was one of the busiest seaports in the world at that time. Tour includes 15-minute video, parlor, library, Grant’s Cabin and outbuildings. Closed Federal holidays.


Appomattox Manor

1001 Pecan Avenue (804) 458-9504

Virginia, Grant’S Headquarters In Hopewell (Petersburg Campaign). (Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Appomattox Manor

Appomattox Manor is a former plantation house in Hopewell, Virginia, United States. It is best known as the Union headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg in 1864-65. The restored circa 1751 manor house on a bluff overlooking the confluence of the James River and Appomattox River, and the grounds are managed by the National Park Service. The museum there, Grant’s Headquarters at City Point Museum, is a unit of the Petersburg National Battlefield Park.


City Point Early History Museum at St. Dennis Chapel

609 Brown Avenue, (804) 458-2564

This museum is planning to reopen with a new exhibition in the future.



City Point Open Air Museum

City Point Open Air Museum

City Point Open Air Museum
505 Cedar Lane to Water Street, (804) 541-2461

This self-guided walking tour includes 25 points of interest with most focusing on Civil War history. Outdoor storyboards capture the people and events of City Point as you walk down the same streets that General Ulysses S. Grant and President Abraham Lincoln once did. Brochure available at Visitor Center.


Weston Plantation


Weston Plantation

400 Weston Lane off 21st Avenue, (804) 458-4682

This elegant 18th-century plantation home overlooks the Appomattox River and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Weston Manor is notable for preserving much of its original interior. The guided tour includes three floors furnished in period antiques and reproductions. Gift shop on-site. Admission fee.


Sears Catalog Homes

Crescent, Oakwood & Prince George Avenues, (804) 541-2461

A selection of Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog homes is located in the Crescent Hills neighborhood of Hopewell. Drive through this area and see mail-order homes built from 1926-1937. Brochure available at Visitor Center.


Public Art

The Hopewell Mural

The Hopewell Mural, a 275 square foot oil painting by Jay Bohannon, is located on the first floor of the Municipal Building near the Treasurer’s Window. Dedicated in 1990, the mural honors the City’s 75th year of incorporation and depicts Hopewell’s history and culture.

Hopewell mural (275 square foot oil painting) by Jay Bohannan

Hopewell mural (275 square foot oil painting) by Jay Bohannan

“In Gear”

Located in Ashford Civic Plaza, “In Gear” commemorates Hopewell’s industrial past. It was sculpted by Matthew D. Fine and dedicated in 1991.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bust

Located in Ashford Civic Plaza, this bust commemorates Dr. King’s 1962 appearance in Hopewell District Court as a defender of civil rights in America. It was sculpted by Paul DiPasquale and dedicated in 2004.


City Point National Cemetery

       City Point National Cemetery

City Point National Cemetery is located in the historical district of Hopewell, Virginia. The cemetery received its name from the town City Point which was in Prince George County before being annexed by the City of Hopewell in 1923.

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