Comprehensive Plan 2028

We are excited to announce the Hopewell City Council approved the 2028 Comprehensive Plan on April 24, 2018. Staff and our consultant, the Cox Company, are making the approved amendments and preparing the document for final print. We anticipate this process will be complete by the end of May 2018. The Plan on this page does not include the approved amendments. However, the approved amendments can be read by clicking HERE.

Cover page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Plan
Chapter 2: Vision and Goals
Chapter 3: Planning Policies & Priorities
Chapter 4: Demographics & the Market Place
Chapter 5: Future Land Use Plan
Chapter 6: Priority Planning Areas
Priority Planning Area 1: Downtown Hopewell
Priority Planning Area 2: City Point: Historic District
Priority Planning Area 3: Planning Policies & Priorities
Priority Planning Area 4: Cavalier Square District
Priority Planning Area 5: River Gateway District
Priority Planning Area 6: Rt. 36/I-295 Interchange Commercial District
Chapter 7: Transportation
Chapter 8: Community Health & Character
Chapter 9: Housing
Chapter 10: Historic Resources
Chapter 11: The Environment & The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas
Chapter 12: Implementation
Future Land Use Plan