Comprehensive Plan 2028

Cover page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Plan
Chapter 2: Vision and Goals
Chapter 3: Planning Policies & Priorities
Chapter 4: Demographics & the Market Place
Chapter 5: Future Land Use Plan
Chapter 6: Priority Planning Areas
Priority Planning Area 1: Downtown Hopewell
Priority Planning Area 2: City Point: Historic District
Priority Planning Area 3: Planning Policies & Priorities
Priority Planning Area 4: Cavalier Square District
Priority Planning Area 5: River Gateway District
Priority Planning Area 6: Rt. 36/I-295 Interchange Commercial District
Chapter 7: Transportation
Chapter 8: Community Health & Character
Chapter 9: Housing
Chapter 10: Historic Resources
Chapter 11: The Environment & The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas
Chapter 12: Implementation
Future Land Use Plan

Copies of the Plan can also be reviewed in
the following locations:
Hopewell Community Center -100 West City Point Road
Hopewell Library – 209 East Cawson Street
Hopewell Municipal Building -Department of Development. 300 North Main Street Suite 321
Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority Office -350 East Poythress Street
Hopewell Prince George Visitors Center –4100 Oaklawn Boulevard
Hopewell Social Services Department—316 East Cawson Street