Drive Electric





  • To date, 540,000 Electric Vehicles have been sold in the United States
    • 37% increase in sales from 2015 to 2016
  • Using data provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the United States Department of Transportation, the following conclusions can be made:
    • California possesses half of the electric vehicles on the nations roadways
    • Thus leaving the rest of the country with 270,000 electric vehicles OR 0.17% of the nation’s total vehicles
    • According to VDOT traffic counts, 33,000 vehicles travel on Interstate 295 between Route 10 and Route 36
    • Therefore, it is safe to conclude that approximately 56 electric vehicles per day travel on the same stretch of Interstate 295
  • According to Virginia Clean Cities Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locator, the only chargers near Interstate 295 and Hopewell are located at:
    • The Hyatt Place in Chester
    • Strosnider Chevrolet on Route 36


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