Planning & Zoning

The Division of Planning and Zoning is charged with protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and visitors by ensuring that all land use is installed and maintained in compliance with the City of Hopewell Code of the City of Hopewell Zoning Ordinance.

The Division is responsible for:

Long Range Planning

The division creates planning documents that communicate the community’s long-range vision for land use and implement that vision through policies and ordinances, planning studies, capital project planning, and development review. The division works to improve the quality of life for residents through appropriate land use policies and regulations while fostering a competitive business environment. 

View the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Current Planning

The division’s current planning responsibilities include coordinating review and approval with other city departments and local agencies, as well as the Planning Commission and City Council for the following types of land use cases:

  • Rezoning & Proffer Amendments
  • Conditional Use Permits & Amendments
  • Design Standard Modifications
  • Variance Requests
  • Right-of-Way Vacation Requests

View the pending applications.

Historic Preservation Planning

The division oversees the City’s locally-designated historic districts. For more information visit Historic Districts.

Zoning Administration

The division is responsible for implementing and interpreting the zoning ordinance. This includes:

  • Reviewing permit applications for compliance with the zoning ordinance
  • Coordinating the site plan review process
  • Coordinating the subdivision review process
  • Issuing interpretations of the zoning ordinance
  • Issuing Zoning Confirmation Letters, including Nonconforming Use Certification
  • Enforcing the zoning ordinance

View the zoning ordinance.

Staffing Boards & Commissions

The division staffs the following appointed bodies:

  • Planning Commission
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Architectural Review Board
  • Downtown Design Review Committee
  • Issuing Zoning Confirmation Letters, including Nonconforming Use Certification
  • Keep Hopewell Beautiful