Chief’s Advisory Committee


The Chief’s Advisory Committee (CAC) was established on October 9, 2019 by Chief Kamran Afzal, Hopewell Police Chief consisting of 15 committee members and staff members, or at the discretion of the Police Chief.

  1. Tavorise Marks

    Tavorise Marks

    Committee Co-Chair

  1. Lee Dixon

    Lee Dixon

    Committee Member

  1. Vodricka L. Epps

    Vodricka L. Epps

    Committee Member, Reverend

  1. Larry Scearce

    Larry Scearce

    Committee Member


CAC is to provide the Police Department and the Police Chief with a community’s perspective with respect to crime, safety, neighborhood issues, and how the Police Department can better integrate with the community we serve and improve our services.


We envision a safe community environment made possible by a strong, positive, and trusting relationship between the citizens of Hopewell and the Hopewell Police Department (HPD).  We recognize the effective delivery of public safety services requires the police partnering together with its citizens to ensure the safety of all its residents and those visiting our community.


It is the purpose of the Chief’s Advisory Committee (CAC) to act in an advisory capacity only to the HPD by bringing to their attention feedback from the community concerning public safety issues and law enforcement needs and actions.  To this end, the CAC is devoted to facilitating the flow of ideas relative to police services for the continued improvement of the quality of life of its citizens.


The CAC is tasked with the following objectives:

  • To foster understanding and communication between the citizens of Hopewell and the HPD, to review and advise the Chief community relations between HPD and all segments
  • To ensure the equitable treatment of all citizens regardless of race, religion, gender, age, etc. and work to strengthen, throughout the community, the application of equal protection under the law
  • To increase involvement with citizens and police in community-oriented programs
  • To review and advise the Chief on personnel policy and procedures as requested by the Chief and/or City Manager
  • To acquaint citizens with the operation of the HPD and its varied activities
  • To serve as a panel to discuss closed internal investigations for discussion purposes and come up with solutions with regards to what processes may be considered in preventing the occurrence of future activities
  • To assist in crime prevention through the distribution of material on crime deterrence
  • To create a strategic plan for CAC for the future, define our successes, and make an impact by taking small steps
  • To leave politics at the door
  • To generate community interest and involvement in crime prevention, to include community-oriented policing and other areas of community relations
  • To review and make recommendations concerning such other and further matters may be referred to the CAC from time to time by the City Manager or Chief of Police