Personal Property Proration, Assessment & Rates

Personal Property Proration

Each and every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and boat which acquires a situs in the city after the tax day of January 1 of each year shall be taxed for the balance of the tax year. Such tax shall be prorated on a monthly basis and for the purpose of proration a period of more than one-half of a month shall be counted as a full month and a period of one-half or less than one-half of a month shall not be counted.

When any person after the tax day (January 1) acquires a motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or boat with a situs in the city, a tax shall be assessed on the same as provided for in the paragraph above for that portion of the tax year during which the new owner owns the item and it has a situs in the city.

When any person after the tax day (January 1) or situs day sells or otherwise transfers ownership or title having a situs in the city, the tax thereon shall be relieved on a monthly prorated basis as provided above and the appropriate prorated amount of any tax already paid shall be refunded or credited by the city treasurer, at the option of the tax payer, against the tax due of any item owned by the taxpayer during the same tax year, except that no refund shall be made if the items acquires a situs in the Commonwealth of Virginia in a non-prorating locality.

Assessment Methods and Tax Rates

  • Passenger Auto / Trucks
    • 3.50 per $100
    • NADA Clean Loan
  • Motorcycles
    • 3.50 per $100
    • Clymer Power Sport Blue Book 70% of Low Trade-In
  • Boats (under 5 tons)
    • 3.50 per $100
    • ABOS Marine Blue Book Condition Adjustment of 65% Retail Value
  • Boats (over 5 tons)
    • 3.50 per $100% of Original MSRP based on Age of Boat
  • Boat, Utility, and Horse Trailers
    • 3.50 per $100
    • Price Digests 90% Finance Value (first year)
    • 5% reduction of Finance Value each year thereafter
  • Mobile Homes
    • 0.99 per $100
    • NADA Manufactured Housing Cost Guide
    • 100% Total Adjusted Value
  • Camping Trailers
    • 3.50 per $100
    • Price digest 100% Finance Value
  • Heavy Construction Machinery and Business Furniture and Fixtures
    • 3.50 per $100
    • New: 60%
    • 1 year: 50%
    • 2 years: 40%
    • 3 years: 30%
    • 4 years and older: 20%

Method of Assessment of Local Mobile Property

Local Mobile Property includes boats, campers, recreational vehicles, trailers, and airplanes.

  • Boats, boat trailers, and campers are assessed using a percentage of original cost
  • Airplanes are assessed using the "average value" in the Aircraft Bluebook
  • Utility and homemade trailers are assessed using a percentage of original cost
  • RVs are assessed using the trade-in value in the NADA Recreational Vehicle Guide Book. If not in the NADA book, a percentage of original cost is used.

Administrative Review & Appeals Process

In accordance with the State Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3983.1, if you disagree with the assessment of the "Local Mobile Property" you may apply to the Commissioner of the Revenue for review. The application for review must be made within one year from the date of assessment, or one year from the last day of the tax year, whichever is later. Upon receipt of the timely filed application, the Commissioner of the Revenue will make a written final determination within 90 days after the application is filed. For further information on the appeals process or an appeals application, please call 804-541-2237.

Attention Active Duty Military

In order to be exempt from Virginia Personal Property Tax, The Commissioner of the Revenue Office must have a copy of your Military Leave And Earnings Statement (LES) for the year of exemption stating your residency outside the state of Virginia. Any vehicles owned by the service member, jointly or individually by the spouse, are eligible for tax exemption so long as the member and his/her spouse share a household.