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Active Connections HopewellBicycle Lanes

The City of Hopewell is currently developing plans to install bicycle lanes within existing streets throughout the community.  Once implemented, this network of on-street bicycle lanes will connect residential neighborhoods to schools, parks, businesses, downtown destinations, and riverfront access points. Bike lanes will provide active lifestyle options and equitable transportation solutions for the citizens of Hopewell. 

It is important to understand that bicycle infrastructure doesn't just benefit cyclists, it benefits the entire community. Localities with bicycle lanes have enjoyed the benefits of traffic calming, safer sidewalks, and fewer accidents between motorists and pedestrians as a result of bike lanes being added to existing streets. 

The Active Connections Committee is excited to bring this project to fruition and provide this valuable resource to the citizens of Hopewell. Although small sections of the project have already been completed, the bulk of the construction will be completed in 2022.

How the Bicycle Lanes Will Look

Bicycle infrastructure can look different depending on a variety of factors. The number of cars on a specific stretch of roadway, the speed limit, the number of intersections, and the parking situation all play a role in how bike lanes are implemented throughout a community. In some instances, you may see shared lane markings without an actual painted lane line. Other more defined bike lanes might offer a designed permanent lane similar to those on River Road and Cedar Level Road. In other cases, you might see a fully constructed cycle track that separates the bike lane from the roadway entirely to improve safety for all.

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An example of this type of infrastructure would be the Virginia Capital Trail that runs along Route 5 from Richmond to Williamsburg.

To learn more about what bike lanes will look like in Hopewell, review the road section diagrams or the full plan set below: