Established in 1916, the City of Hopewell has been a professional fire department for over 100 years.


The department is staffed by 53 fire personnel, spread over three shifts and administrative positions.

Fire personnel are housed in two fire stations. A minimum of 13 firefighters staff multiple apparatus 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Fire Stations / Headquarters

The two stations are strategically located in the City 

Station 1 (Headquarters)

200 South Hopewell Street

Hopewell, VA 23860

(804) 541-2288, ext. 8

Station 2

3400 Virginia Street

Hopewell, VA 23860

(804) 541-2288

Headquarters was erected in 1926. It has housed the Fire Chief, operations and administrative staff ever since. Station two was originally built by neighboring Prince George County where it served as a fire station before the site was annexed by the City in 1956. Both stations house an advanced life support (ALS) engine and ALS medic. Station 1 also houses the City's full-staffed aerial apparatus, rescue boat, and Heavy Tactical Rescue Trailer. Station 2 is home to the Hazardous Materials Response Trailer and Command Bus. The fleet also includes a specialized foam response trailer and numerous support vehicles.

Specialty Teams:

Hopewell Fire & EMS participates in several regional teams designed to serve as “force multipliers” for highly specialized responses. We are part of the Crater Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team (HazMat team) and the Crater Regional Heavy Tactical Response Team (HTR team). Both of these teams are comprised of members agencies representing several jurisdictions in the tri-cities region. 

The Crater HazMat team and our Hopewell members maintain highly specialized inventories of response equipment, monitors, meters and personalized protective equipment designed to allow personnel to respond to all types of chemical releases and leaks. The members of this team are highly trained in several faucets of hazards identification, chemistry, as well as the use of monitors and meters designed to detect the presence of chemicals. The team can operate in all types and levels of life preserving personal protective equipment up to and including fully encapsulated suits designed for entry into the most toxic atmospheres.

The Crater HTR team and our Hopewell members are especially trained to operate in harsh environments including operating in significant elevated conditions, in deep ravines, ditches and other below grade conditions, in tightly enclosed confined spaces and other specialized rescue situations where normal techniques are not sufficient. Using equipment and techniques this team can effect rescues in very dire and difficult situations.

The Foam Firefighting Response team is unique in the region. Established to address the specialized fire risk problem here in Hopewell this team is training in the use of industrial firefighting techniques deploying firefighting foam from a “one-of-a-kind” foam application trailer.

The Emergency Management team is the newest of the specialized teams. This team was formed to address incidents that fall outside of the normal scope of operations. Standing up and staffing the Emergency Operations Center, managing the UAS or drone, the Western Shelter System and the Tri-cities only Mobile Command Vehicle are a few of the many and varied missions assigned to this team.

  1. Physical Address
    200 S Hopewell Street
    Hopewell, VA 23860

    Emergency Phone: 911


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