Haunted Hopewell

Haunted Hopewell

Haunted House Registration Open Flyer

If you love to decorate for Halloween, enter your home in the fourth annual Hopewell Halloween House Decorating Contest. To participate in this year's contest, registration must be completed no later than October 8, 2023, and  all decorations in place by October 8, 2023, for inspection. Homes that are approved for participation will be included on the official Haunted Homes Driving Tour map. The Tour will be advertised from October 11-October 31, from 5-9 p.m. each evening. Of course, you may operate your decorations longer than these suggested hours if you so choose. The community will be invited to vote for their favorite homes. Voting will close on October 22 so that winner's signs may be placed the week of Halloween.  

Please refrain from displaying political displays and signage as a part of your display. Decorations should be tasteful and neighbors should be taken into consideration if using lighting, noise, or other features that may affect adjacent properties. 


  • Please do not disturb participants during your viewing. Touching decorations, personal property, or knocking on the doors is prohibited
  • Traffic laws must be followed at all times 
  • All passengers should be properly secure while vehicle is in motion, i.e. wearing seatbelts or properly secured in a car seat or booster seat
  • Please do not block driveways or mailboxes
  • Vehicles should not stop in the middle of the road
  • Please be respectful of others 
  • Please be appreciative of those who decorated for your viewing pleasure
  • Don't forget to vote for your favorite!

Additional information:  Rebecca Johnson; rjohnson@hopewellva.gov