The OneHopewell Community Enhancement and Health Equity Initiative's mission is to improve health outcomes and the overall well-being of residents by addressing social determinants of health and fostering civic engagement. Focusing on the needs of residents as they are born, live, learn, work, play, age, and worship will result in a vibrant city with thriving residents. 

OneHopewell seeks to develop (HEiAP) Health Equity in All Policies in the City of Hopewell Virginia. HEiAP will drive local government decision making that prioritizes wellness. OneHopewell will analyze data to identify needs and gaps in services within the community. OneHopewell will support the development of Neighborhood Councils to equip residents with the tools to recommend policy changes and resource allocations, along with strategies to improve and create services that support the needs of residents.

OneHopewell offers a Community Services Building located at 102 South 10th Avenue. This community space serves as a location for residents to receive resources, attend workshops and network. In addition, the Community Services Building is a satellite space where providers filling gaps in services to the community provide free or low-cost programs to residents.