Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance


The Zoning Ordinance is comprised of the following Articles:

Zoning Ordinance ArticleCategory
Article IDefinitions
Article II Districts
Article III R-1 Effective September 16, 2013
Article III-A 
R1-A Effective September 16, 2013
Article IVR-2 Effective September 16, 2013
Article V   R-3 Effective September 16, 2013
Article VI R-4 Effective September 16, 2013
Article VIIRO-1 District
Article VII-ARO-4 Effective in 2015
Article VIII PUD Planned Developments  June 2018
Article IX-AB-1 Effective original Amended Mar23
Article X B-2 Effective May 2017
Article XIB-3 Amended August 2018
Article XI-ACorridor Development District B-4 Adopted May 2017
Article XII Limited Industrial District M-1  May 2017
Article XIIIIntensive Industrial District  M-2 Adopted November 27 2018
Article XIV-BTourist Historic District TH-1 Effective October 2022
Article XVFloodplain District effective November 15, 2022
Article XV-ACBPO-FINAL Effective May 22 2018
Article XV-BC-1 District
Article XVI
Site Plan Adopted  May 22 2018
Article XVII
Non-Conforming Uses Adopted  May 27 2019
Article XVIII
Development Standards as amended 2017 INDEXED
Article XIX
Provisions for Appeal
Article XX
Violation and Penalty
Article XXI
Amendments - Amended by CC 10-13-09
Article XXII
Administration and Interpretation - Adopted 030910
Subdivision Ordinance
ZOA  Article XI B-3
Highway Commercial District Effective May 10 2016