About HEC

The Hopewell Emergency Crew, Inc. is a volunteer organization located within the historic and industrious city of Hopewell, Virginia. As Hopewell’s primary EMS agency, we provide emergency medical response and rescue to the sick and injured.

We also provide many resources as a public service. Hopewell Emergency Crew serves the city of Hopewell, a population of just over 23,000 and growing. We also provide mutual assistance to surrounding areas such as the counties of Prince George, Charles City, and the cities of Petersburg and Colonial Heights.

All services are provided by one of the four Type II ambulances owned and operated by Hopewell EMS. Each ambulance is licensed by the Virginia Office of EMS to provide both Basic and Advanced Life Support and is equipped with the latest in health care technology. Our standards of clinical practice is in accordance with the Old Dominion EMS Alliance which allows our providers to deliver new therapies which promote more positive patient outcomes.

All calls for service are dispatched by the city of Hopewell Emergency Communications Center which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency units are staffed by a group of highly trained and competent providers who collectively possess many years of pre-hospital care experience and have a passion for the work of helping others. Our members come from all walks of life such as emergency aviation to local law enforcement to high school students.

Many of our members live and work in the same community in which they serve. Despite the origins, each of our members are committed to the mission of this organization. Since 1946, we have been providing the citizens of Hopewell with safety and emergency services and today that tradition continues. We are volunteers making a difference…one life at a time.

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