Appomattox Cemetery

Appomattox Cemetery

703 N 21st Avenue
Hopewell, VA 23860

For information, assistance, or to schedule sales appointments, please contact the Department of Public Works at (804) 541-2295 or visit at 103 S. Hopewell Street; Hopewell, VA. Sales are conducted Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM.

Fee Structure

Resident-Single Grave Cremains/Infant $250
Resident-Single Grave Adult $500
Non-Resident-Single Grave Cremains/Infant $1000
Non-Resident-Single Grave Adult $2000
Administration Fee (per activity) $100

Sales and Payment

  • Payment is required before interment.
  • Make payments to the Treasurer. Pre-need purchases may be made on an installment basis with the approval of the Treasurer.
  • Grave spaces may only be resold to the City. Headstones and markers must be removed before a refund is given.

Markers and Monuments

  • Guidelines for placing monuments and markers are available from the Department of Public Works.
  • A permit is required to erect, modify, or remove a marker or monument.
  • Complete payment is required before placing a monument, marker, or foundation on a space.
  • Only one upright monument may be placed on a grave. Upright monuments shall be placed at the head of the grave perpendicular to the grave and parallel with the top edge of the grave.
  • No more than two markers or monuments may be placed on a grave space.  (One upright monument or flat marker at the head and one flat marker at the foot.)
  • When a foundation is used for a foot marker, the top of the marker must not be above ground level. Foot markers will be placed parallel with the lower edge of the grave, even with the surrounding soil, and not interfere with mowing.
  • Markers and monuments must be placed within the boundaries of the grave site and not encroach or protrude onto surrounding sites or aisle.
  • The maximum above-ground height is 36 inches for single grave markers and 40 inches for all others.
  • Property owners are responsible for repairing or replacing damaged, destroyed, or stolen monuments and markers.
  • Temporary markers placed on graves after interment must be removed after a permanent marker is installed. Damaged temporary markers will be removed.
  • No more than two markers may be placed on a grave containing three sets of cremated remains.


  • Fresh cut flowers and potted plants may be placed on graves at any time (except during annual cleaning) and remain until the blossoms fade.
  • Artificial arrangements may be placed on graves and remain while in good repair. Seasonal decorations must be removed 21 days after the observance. Decorations in disrepair will be removed and discarded.
  • During the annual cleaning period (February 20th thru March 6th) all decorations will be removed and discarded. Decorations placed on grave sites after interment services conducted during the annual cleaning period may be removed after five days.
  • Grave sites may not be completely covered with decorations except for five days immediately following interment.
  • Decorations are to be placed at head of the grave, on the sides or top of the monument or headstone. Decorations are not allowed at the foot.
  • All decorations shall be neatly arranged.
  • Fences, walls, plantings, glass containers and decorations are prohibited.

Cremated Remains

  • Cremated remains may be placed at the head or foot of an existing grave site and protrude into the aisle. The top edge of the urn must be parallel to or below the top edge of the existing vault. If a vault is not present, the top surface of the urn must be at least 18 inches below ground.
  • Up to three sets of cremated remains may be buried in each grave space. Only one set of cremated remains may be buried if a grave site contains a casket or vault.
  • Up to two sets of cremated remains may be placed in spaces designated as child graves.
  • Cremated remains may not be placed in a site containing double depth burials.
  • Scattering ashes is prohibited.

Double Depth Burials

  • Double depth burials are permitted provided the grave site can be opened without disturbing surrounding graves. New sales are no longer available.
  • The bottom container must be constructed of either metal or concrete and capable of supporting the upper unit without collapsing. Metal vaults must be at least .12 gauge or thicker. (Grave liners are not acceptable).
  • At least 18 inches of soil must be placed over the top vault and graded to match the surrounding terrain.

City of Hopewell Responsibilities

  • Operate cemetery.
  • Provide general maintenance and upkeep of the grounds, such as mowing and trimming vegetation growing around markers and monuments.
  • Manage the Perpetual Care Fund.
  • The City of Hopewell is not responsible for damage caused by nature, contractors, or vandals.

Family Responsibilities

  • Provide for the maintenance, repair, or resetting of monuments and markers.

Funeral Director Responsibilities

  • Schedule interment service time with the Department of Public Works at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Grave site openings and closings.
  • Ensure closed grave sites are filled and properly compacted to return the site to its pre-interment grade.
  • Restore sites which settle within one year after interment.

Contractor Responsibilities

  • Employ safe working practices in accordance with Virginia Occupational Health Standards to ensure public and employee safety.
  • Maintain insurance to protect the City and general public against any damage of claims in connection with work performed in the cemetery.
  • Reset monuments or markers moved to facilitate grave openings.

Sales & Payment

  • City residents Adult $500 Child $250
  • Non-Residents Adult $2000 Child $1000
  • Administrative Fee  $100 per activity

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