Board of Zoning Appeals


  • Meets as needed
  • City Council Conference Room
    300 N. Main Street
    Hopewell, VA 23860


  • Teyva Griffin – Staff Member
  • Ashley Eppes – Member
    Term expires October 31, 2019
  • Patricia Dostie – Member
    Term expires October 31, 2021
  • Minerva Jackson – Member
    Term expires October 31, 2021
  • Cassandra Vanderkeift – Member
    Term expires October 31, 2023
  • Jesse Spruill – Member
    Term expires October 31, 2024

Number of Members: No less than five nor more than seven members
Term of Service: Five-year terms

Pursuant to Va. Code § 15.2-2308 – A board consisting of five to seven residents shall be appointed by the circuit court upon recommendation by City Council. The term of office shall be for five (5) years. Their terms of office shall be for five years each except that original appointments shall be made for such terms that the term of one member shall expire each year. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be only for the unexpired portion of the term. Members may be reappointed to succeed themselves. A member whose term expires shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed and qualifies. The board shall serve without pay other than for traveling expenses, and members shall be removable for cause upon written charges and after public hearing. Appointments for vacancies occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall in all cases be for the unexpired term. Any member of the board shall be disqualified to act upon a matter before the board with respect to property in which the member has an interest. The board shall choose annually its own chairman and vice-chairman who shall act in the absence of the chairman. (NOTE: Per Va Code §15.2-2308 – Members can serve on NO OTHER board or commission simultaneously with BZA, with the exception that one member of the BZA may also serve on the Planning Commission.)

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