Budget & Audit Reports

Annual Budget Reports

The City of Hopewell welcomes your participation in the annual budget process and your input in the development of the annual budget.  The process is structured to allow and encourage residents to voice their opinions about the services the City should provide to its citizens.  Budget planning for the fiscal year will begin in December of each year.  There are generally City Budget work sessions in April and May.  The City Manager, as required by the City Charter, must present a budget to City Council 60 days before the end of the fiscal year.  In April and May, City Council reviews and considers the proposed budget.  Hearings are also held in April and May to solicit public input.  Council must adopt the next year’s budget before the last day of June each year.  Again, the City welcomes your input in the development of the Annual Budget.  If you have any questions concerning the budget process or on the budget in general, please contact the Finance Director at (804) 541-2306 during regular business hours.



Annual Audit Reports

The City of Hopewell’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  A comprehensive annual financial audit is conducted each year after the close of the fiscal year on the last day in June.  The audit takes several months to complete and a bound copy of the auditors’ findings is generally available by the middle of December in the next fiscal year.  Several copies of the audit are available to the public at the Appomattox Regional Library in Hopewell.  If you need information concerning the audit, please call the Finance Director at (804) 541-2306 during regular business hours.

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