Central Virginia Waste Management Authority



  • Edward Watson, Director of Public Works – Staff Member
  • Monique Robertson – Member
    Term expires December 31, 2022

Number of Members: Nineteen board members (only one for Hopewell)
Term of Service: Four-year terms

The CVWMA was created December 1990. Per its bylaws, membership consists of the political subdivisions of the Counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, Prince George and the Cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg, Richmond and the Town of Ashland. The City of Hopewell is entitled to appoint one board member based on its population. An alternate also may be appointed who may attend meetings of the Authority, but who shall be entitled to vote only during the absence of the designated member. Each member and alternate shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing body, provided that no term is set for more than four (4) years. The Authority is empowered to plan, acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, extend, operate, contract for and maintain a garbage and refuse collection, transfer and disposal program or system, including waste reduction, waste material recovery, recycling, resource recovery, waste incineration, landfill operation, ash management, sludge disposal, household hazardous waste management and disposal and similar programs or systems, within one or more of the political subdivisions who are members of this Authority.

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