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Please complete the survey regarding the residency requirements for certain city officers and department leaders.

Current Residency Requirements
Sec. 2-4. – Residency requirements for certain city officers and department heads:

  • (a) The following city officers appointed by the city council must become residents of the city no later than six (6) months after appointment:
    1. City manager;
    2. City attorney;
    3. City clerk.
  • (b) The assistant city manager and department heads residing within 30 miles of the city limits of the City of Hopewell at the time of initial employment are exempted from the residency requirement. If the assistant city manager or a department head relocates his or her primary residence while employed by the City of Hopewell, such assistant city manager or department head shall be subject to the residency requirement.
  • (c) The City Council may waive any provision or requirement of this Ordinance. City Council may grant such waiver by ordinance, resolution, or motion.

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