Commissioner of Revenue

Debra Reason Master Commissioner of Revenue

Debra Reason
Master Commissioner of Revenue

Debra Kloske Reason
Master Commissioner of the Revenue
300 N. Main Street, Room 100
Hopewell, VA  23860
Phone: (804) 541-2237/2238
Fax: (804) 541-2207

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves.”  –  Thomas Jefferson (1820)

The Commissioner of the Revenue is the Chief Tax Assessing Officer in the City of Hopewell and is responsible for the assessment and administration in the following areas:

  • Personal Property Tax: includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, recreational vehicles & boats
  • Business Property Tax: includes cars, furniture, fixtures & equipment
  • Business License & Fees
  • Machinery & Tools Tax:  applies to manufacturers, mining, water well drilling, processing or reprocessing, radio or television broadcasting, dairy, car washes, and dry cleaning or laundry business
  • Food & Beverage Tax
  • Lodging Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • State Estimated Tax
  • Bank Franchise Tax:  each bank as defined in Code of Virginia §58.1-1201 must be filed by March 1st
  • Public Service Tax: includes power companies, phone companies, and railroads
  • Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled and Disabled Veterans

The Commissioner of the Revenue Office prepares and audits State Taxes for the residents of Hopewell, free of charge.

Hours of Operation

Commissioner: 8:30AM – 5PM
DMV Select:   9AM to 4PM **MUST BE IN LINE BY 3:30**

Department Staff Contact Information

Amanda Kidd, Master Chief Deputy
Amber Mack, Master Deputy IV
Makenna Harrison, Business License Inspector
Lisa Shumate, Master Deputy II
Melody Pind, Deputy II

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ALERT: ** Hopewell DMV Select will close today (June 24) @ 1PM. We will re-open on Monday, June 27 @ 9:30AM. We apologize for any inconvenience **