Construction Standards

City Code

Refer to hopewellva MUNICIPAL CODE OF ORDINANCES/ and then navigate to Chapter 14 EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL, and then Chapter 31 SEWERS AND SEWAGE DISPOSAL.

Minimum Erosion and Sediment Control Standards

Refer to the latest addition of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreations, Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook.

Minimum Design and Construction Standards

Refer to the latest edition of the Virginia Department of Transportation Roads & Bridge Standards on the VDOT web site.

Miss-Utility Marking

The City is currently responsible for marking Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer collection piping and structures located within the City right-of-way or easements.

NOTE: City utilities are marked in “Green”.

For Utility Marking contact Miss-Utility of Virginia at 1-800-552-7001.

For information regarding the City’s Marks contact Engineering at (804) 541-2323.

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