Crater District Area Agency on Aging


  • Meets every fourth Monday of each month at 10AM
  • 23 Seyler Drive
    Petersburg, VA 23804


  • Dr. Harold Sayels –Staff Member Executive Director, Crater District Area Agency on Aging
  • Clarenctene Jones
    Term expires December 31, 2021

Number of Members: One Board Member
Term of Service: Four-year terms

The Agency is governed by Chapter 14 (Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services) of Title 51.5 of the Code of Virginia. The Agency is committed to helping seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible while helping to maintain their quality of life and independence as they age. Crater was first established in 1975 and was a result of a joint exercise of powers of the four cities and five counties that currently comprise what is known as Planning District 19.
As such, the Board of Directors comprises representatives from each of the aforementioned localities. The agency is a non-profit, tax-exempt agency that receives its’ primary funding under the Federal Older Americans Act of 1965, although they accept the donation of items, services, and monetary contributions from both private and local government entities. At the state level, their funding streams are distributed through the Virginia Department for the Aging.

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