District 19 Community Services Board


  • Meets as needed
  • TBD


  • Jennifer Tunstall – Staff Member
  • Raymond Spicer, Director of Social Services
    Term expires December 13, 2021
  • Shamika Lewis – Member
    Term expires December 31, 2022

Number of Members: Two members from Hopewell
Term of Service: Three-year terms

Pursuant to Va Code § 37.2-502, the community services board shall consist of 2 members from Hopewell, appointed by City Council for a three-year term. Appointments to the community services board shall be broadly representative of the community. Appointments to the board shall be individuals who are receiving or who have received services or family members of individuals who are receiving or who have received services. At least one shall be an individual receiving services. One or more appointments may be nongovernmental service providers. Sheriffs or their designees also shall be appointed, when practical. No employee of the community services board or employee or board member of an organization that receives funding from any community services board shall be appointed a member of that board. No community services board shall be composed of a majority of local government officials, elected or appointed, as members, nor shall any county or city be represented on a board by more than two officials, elected or appointed. Any member of a board may be removed by the appointing authority for cause, after being given a written statement of the causes and an opportunity to be heard thereon.

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