Elder Everett Gilliam El, YSC Member

Elder Everett Gilliam El, born and raised a native of Baltimore Maryland, now residing in Virginia. He is a husband and father of 9 beautiful children.

In 2016, Everett Gilliam El was given a vision by God to answer the 2001 call of our late President, George W. Bush, who had encouraged the faith based community to use the most effective known strategy to reach out to our nation’s fatherless at risk
youth; mentoring. In response to that call in 2016, he started the “Faith base mentorship service, IGOPE Outreach.

Elder Everett is known for his transparent way of connecting with young men, that empowers them to want to see and experience greater in their self and future; known by his peers as Hakeem, he’s also known as the once Menace to society, now Minister to society. Today, his life’s work is dedicated to mentoring boyz to men and mending broken men that they can believe in the greatest version of themselves and have unshakeable confidence that allows them to avoid peer pressure & accomplish their goodly success. Because he’s passionate for bridging the community gap.

Everett’s Vision and Mission, Is to raise boys to men, and mend broken men, equipping them to be fit for society, in which every family or child can have a healthy home, a positive livelihood, and the chance to support one another to build a better future. In keeping Community Relations. He believe communities should work together, show love to one another–not be divided—during the most difficult times in their
lives. As a Ministerial Mentor, Everett is experienced to both offer practical and emotional support to today’s youth and young adults. That they too will live to IGOPE… “Initiate Greatness on Purpose Everyday”.

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