Evergreen Motel Public Hearing

On Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30 p.m., Hopewell City Council was scheduled to hold a public hearing to consider whether or not to enter into an agreement to gain control of 711 West Randolph Road, the former Evergreen Motel, now the Riverview Inn and Suites, in order to pursue redevelopment opportunities for the site. However, this meeting was re-scheduled for December 19, 2018. A downloadable copy of the presentation is available for view here. City Council has asked that citizens, if they really wish for the current motel to cease to exist and be redeveloped into another use, show up at the meeting and let their feelings be known. Staff is recommending to City Council that the project be initiated as a much-needed change to substandard property along one of the City’s primary entranceways, as an opportunity for further redevelopment along the corridor, and as a public safety enhancement, as there have been nearly 1,000 public safety calls for service in just the past five years at this motel.

City Council needs to know if there is widespread support to drive change at this site with this proposed project. So, if you have an opinion about the long-term status or operation of the former Evergreen Motel, you should make it known to the decision makers so they can decide which course of action, if any, to take. You should show up to the City Council meeting on December 11th to let City Council know your opinion. This might be the last chance the City has for many years to make changes to this site, as another deal extending the use of the facility as it currently exists and operates is pending. Call the City of Hopewell City Manager’s Office at 804 541-2243 if you have any questions.