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1. Why wasn’t I called and notified when service was made?
2. I had papers issued out of the Hopewell General District Court and want to know if they’ve been served yet?
3. Why does the Deputy keep coming back to my house when I have repeatedly told him the person he was looking for doesn’t live here?
4. I heard there was a warrant out for my arrest. Can you tell me if this is true?
5. I received a 72-Hour Notice to Vacate but I filed a Motion to Rehear, so how do I make sure the Sheriff will not come out on the date of the scheduled eviction to put my property out?
6. I have received my judgment in court for the money owed me, why haven’t I received my money?
7. I need to have a divorce process served in another state but it is issued out of a Virginia court. How do I go about this?
8. My child support payments are taken out of my paycheck but the Deputy came by with Department of Child Support Enforcement papers. I'm not behind on my payments; why is DCSE serving me with papers?
9. A notice was left on my door for my relative who doesn’t live here. What’s this all about?
10. I thought when I filed bankruptcy I wouldn’t have to deal with collection matters anymore. Why do I have to go to court now?
11. Why can’t I come down to your office to pick up papers for my spouse?
12. If I pay the debt before the court date, do I have to still go to court?
13. I paid my late rent but the landlord had a Deputy post a notice to vacate on my door. Can the landlord still evict me?
14. I am a landlord who has a delinquent tenant. I went to court and obtained my judgment to have the tenant evicted. However, today the tenant told me he filed bankruptcy. Why can't you evict them?
15. I found this paper on the door and this person doesn’t live here. What do I do with the paper?
16. I moved out of the place where I was living and left some of my things there. The person won’t let me in to get them. How can I arrange for law enforcement to go with me to get my things?
17. I have been given custody of my child but other parent refuses to return the child to me. Will a Deputy go with me to help me get my child back?
18. My neighbor was evicted yesterday and there is a mess in the yard. Who do I contact to get the mess cleaned up?
19. How do I stop a Deputy from coming into my home to recover furniture on behalf of a furniture company that my friend, family, or I own?