• Is it only for first time moms?
    • We serve all moms prenatally and up until baby is 3 months of age.
  • How do I get services?
    • An assessment worker (Family Resource Specialist) will come to your home to see if your family meets the criteria of our program.
  • Do I have to stay once I sign up?
    • We are a completely FREE and VOLUNTARY program. If you feel that you don’t need services anymore, you can leave at anytime.
  • Are you Social Services?
    • We are not. We are a non-profit prevention service that just simply provides child education and guidance for child development.
  • How often are visits?
    • Visits can range between once a week to once a quarter. It all depends on the needs of the family!
  • I don’t have transportation, how can I make sure I receive services?
    • The great thing about our program is, we come to you! Our visiting services is within the comfort of your own home. The only times you would need transportation is when we host parent education groups.

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