Fire & EMS


Established in 1916, the City of Hopewell has been a professional fire department for over 100 years. The department is staffed by forty five fire personnel, spread over three shifts and administrative positions.

Fire personnel are housed in two fire stations.  A minimum of 13 firefighters staff multiple apparatus 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The two stations are Fire & EMS Headquarters, Station 1 located at 200 S. Hopewell St, and Station 2,  located at 3400 Virginia St.  Headquarters was erected in 1926.  It has housed the Fire Chief, operations and administrative staff ever since.  Station two was originally built by neighboring Prince George County where it served as a fire station before the site was annexed by the City in 1956.

Both stations house an ALS ( Advanced life support) engine and  ALS medic. In addition to an engine and medic, station 1 also houses the City’s full staffed aerial apparatus and rescue boat.


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