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The Hopewell Emergency Crew was formed on the idea of several individuals who saw a need to create a separate rescue agency within the City of Hopewell. Starting out, we were all known as the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew. This was the very first chartered crew in the Tri-Cities area. Southside Virginia Emergency Crew, located in Petersburg, Virginia, served not only citizens within Petersburg but also the city of Hopewell and the county of Prince George.

As the demand for service in our outlying cities and counties begin to escalate, a small group of dedicated men saw the need to form a sub-station of the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew. This new sub-station was to be located in Hopewell, Virginia and was to be called the Hopewell unit of the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew. The idea was to be able to better serve the city of Hopewell and the county of Prince George. In 1946,after major discussion and deliberation, the Hopewell sub-station was established.

The sub-station was housed out of the Hopewell Fire Department Co. 1, utilizing the basement areas as crew quarters. Most of the equipment and supplies had been given by the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew. While in operation,leaders of the then Hopewell sub-station discussed the want to separate from the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew giving the city of Hopewell it’s very own volunteer rescue agency. After several years of being a sub-station,on October 15, 1949, the Bill of Sale to make the Hopewell Emergency Crew an independent organization was reviewed, and voted upon. On that day, the city of Hopewell officially gained the Hopewell Emergency Crew,Incorporated, an organization of volunteers rendering first aid and medical assistance to those in need.

In 1959,the Hopewell Emergency Crew decided to erect a building of our own. The president at the time, Mr. T. E. Colgin,began talks with the city to acquire their assistance in helping obtain a new building. It was agreed that the city would purchase the land and lease it to the crew. Fund raising activities helped fund the purchase of equipment and building supplies. Then the building started. The first building was built by the hands of selfless volunteers which were compiled of crew members, local construction workers, and citizens of the community who donated time and material to see their volunteer emergency crew housed in a comfortable and unique building designed just for the Hopewell Emergency Crew.

The Hopewell Emergency Crew continued to serve by getting involved in the community. Members began to take courses giving them instructor credentials. They then taught classes at local churches,schools, and other organizations preparing them to act in the case of an emergency. They were certified by the American Red Cross. In 1969,the crew decided to expand the current crew quarters in response to tremendous growth and success. The crew wanted to add two new bays and enhance the small common areas. By 1971, the additions and enhancements were brought to reality. The crew formed its first Ladies Auxiliary and began to classify members based on their age and abilities within the organization. Members were taking more courses leading to more certified members able to perform special tasks while on scene.

As the times change, so did the Hopewell Emergency Crew. It is now a dynamic and progressive volunteer EMS agency in Hopewell that iscontinuing a legacy of volunteers serving the community. We are still housed in the same building as our founding members but we have undergone several renovations and enhancements. Our equipment has changed drastically as well. We now have state of the art health care technology that allows us to deliver the most up to date care possible. Our members are now trained to perform Basic Life Support as well as Advanced Life Support and can now give medicines and perform procedures in the field. Though many things have changed, one thing has not; the commitment to serving our community. Our volunteers still serve with the same passion and dedication as was done in our past and as the times continue to change, you can be assured that our we will still be what we have been for over sixty years…

Volunteers Serving The Community.

Hopewell EMS.
Volunteers Making A Difference…
One Life At A Time.

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