Forms, Applications, & Permits



Boat Filing Form

Business Furniture & Fixtures

Business License Application & Renewal

Emergency Crew Certification

Food & Beverage Filing Form

High Mileage Form

Machinery & Tools

Military Exemption Affidavit

Mobile Home Filing Form

Produce Permit

Real Estate Tax Relief/ Elderly & Disabled

Real Estate Tax Relief/ Elderly and Disabled Policy & Procedures

Registration Tax on Prepared Food & Beverages

Registration Tax on Transient Lodging Application

Roster of Contractors & Subcontractors

Special Event Application Merchant/Vendor Form

Start a Business In Hopewell

Tax Relief Late Filer

Transient Lodging Tax Return

Transient Lodging Registration Form

Veteran Personal Property Tax Relief Application

Veteran Real Property Tax Relief Application


Administrative Resubdivision & Subdivison Application

Administrative Resubdivision Process Guidelines

Amusement Device Application

Appeal to Hopewell Planning Commission for Article XVIII Development Standards

Building Permit Application

Commercial Business Zoning Approval Form

Concept Plan Checklist

Conditional Use Permit

Demolition Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Gas Permit Application

Home Occupation Business Zoning Approval Form

Land Disturbance – Fill Material Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Rental Inspection Forms

Rezoning Application

Sewer Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Single Family Residential Lot Plan Requirements

Site Plan Application and Checklist

Site Plan Process Guidelines

Special Exception Application

Special Use Application

Street and Alley Vacation Policy and Application

Truck Parking Form (Home Occupantions)

Utility Permit Application

Variance Appeals of Decision Application

Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application


Special Event Application

Talent Bank Resumé


Hopewell Alarm Permit


Change of Address


Enterprise Zone Incentives

EZ Eligibility Determination Application 

BPOL and M&T Eligibility Form 

Wastewater Connection Fee Waiver 

Development Fee Waiver Eligibility 

Permit Fee Waiver Eligibility

Real Estate Tax Abatement Eligibility

Crime Prevention Eligibility

Fire Prevention Eligibility

HDP Vision/ Master Plan

HDP Master Plan Supplementary

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