The primary responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office is Public Safety!

To Provide the citizens’ of the city of Hopewell a “Highway Traffic Safety Program” that will establish increased visibility and enforcement of law violations on the interstate.

The Highway Traffic Safety Program has a two pronged approach:
I. Strive to reduce the number of traffic related deaths and injuries on Virginia roadways by targeting traffic violations such as:

  • Aggressive / Reckless Driving
  • Safety belt and child safety seat violations
  • Driver impairment (alcohol/drugs)

II. Provide a safe environment for its citizens against criminal activity:

  • Illegal Drug related activity
  • Illegal smuggling of untaxed contraband to other States
  • Identification and apprehension of wanted suspects/fugitives
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Additional reasons for the program:

  • Gov. McDonald announces that traffic fatalities reach a record low in 2010
  • Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, the Governors’ Highway Safety Representative states that we must be vigilant on our roadways. A crash occurs on our roadways every 4.5 minutes resulting in more than two lives being lost and 173 injuries.
  • According to DMV, Virginia can make a positive impact on improving highway safety by placing a major emphasis on several areas such as:
  • occupant protection (seat belts and child restraints)
  • impaired driving (alcohol and drug impairment)
  • aggressive driving (speeding / reckless driving) (VA Highway Safety Plan 2010)
  • Out of 18.9 million dollars in grants DMV awarded 29% to localities with the goal of reducing the number of traffic deaths and injuries on VA roadways (DMV Traffic Safety and Management News Letter)
  • Deaths go up on interstate highways where higher speed limits are posted (National Insurance Institute status report Jan 1999
  • Drivers risk of crash increases in direct proportion to the number of times the driver has been cited for speed violations in the past. The more a driver exceeds the speed limit the greater chance of a crash (National Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Advisory #23 April 1998)
  • Letter from Maj. George Daniel VSP to members of Operation C.A.R.E states that during 2008 deaths on the highways are in part due to the economic downturn however he makes it clear that the reduction was greatly reduced due the enforcement actions directed at seat belt use, speed violations and dui related arrest. (Operational Combined Accident Reduction Effort dated April 27, 2009 from the Virginia State Police)


Some of the seizures from the program:

  (Click image to enlarge)


How many lives saved by this bust?!


More drugs and drug money off the streets


Contraband seized and more ill-gotten money removed from circulation!

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