Industrial St Traffic Signal Replacement Project Completed

The Department of Public Works – Division of Engineering is pleased to report that after several months of planning, the City completed the new traffic signal at the intersection of Industrial St and E Randolph Rd.  After the successful completion, the City dismantled and carefully removed the old signal pole and foundation.

The City has maintained this signalized intersection for several decades.  Due to the constant truck traffic existing the industrial area and attempting to navigate the right turn onto E Randolph Rd, the pole had been struck many times over the last several years.  Instead of replacing the signal pole in the same location where it would be subject to additional damage, the City determined that the best location would be across the street away from turning movements.

The new signal pole has two perpendicular arms, one with traffic heads serving both direction of E Randolph Rd and the other serving Industrial St.

On April 21, 2021 the City’s electrical contractor hoisted one of the new mast arms into place.  Please click here to enjoy a short video of this process.

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