Library Board, Appomattox Regional

Membership is three (3), plus the Library Director. The Library Board, Appomattox Regional board is appointed by Council for four (4) year terms in office. The Board is a member of the Appomattox Regional Library System. The regional Library serves the public library needs of Hopewell and the Counties of Prince George and Dinwiddie. Meeting Time and Place: Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. (as of 10/17/06) Rotates throughout the Region: Headquarters- 245 E. Cawson St., Hopewell; Dinwiddie- 14101 Boydton Plank Rd.; McKenney- 20707 First St., Room 2; Rohoic- 7301 Boydton Plan Rd., Carson- 16101 Hallingan Park Rd.; Disputanta- 10010 County Dr.; Prince George – 6402 Courthouse Rd. Staffed by the Library. (NOTE: Two-(2) term limit on four (4) year terms.)


Member Term expires
David Harless 10/31/23
Susan Eliades 10/31/23
Ann Y. Williams 10/31/22

LIBRARY BOARD – (Appomattox Regional Library System): COUNCIL APPOINTED – 4-YEAR TERM

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