Hopewell Police Department creating Chief Advisory Council

September 12, 2019

The City of Hopewell, Virginia

Hopewell Police Department
Kamran Afzal, Chief of Police


For Further Information Contact: Lieutenant Michael Langford
Criminal Investigations Unit – (804) 541-2228
Release Number: 2019-09122019                                                              September 12, 2019

**Hopewell Police Department creating Chief Advisory Council**

[Hopewell, VA] – The Hopewell Police Department is in the process of creating the Chief Advisory Council. The primary focus of the Council will be to provide the Hopewell Police Department with a community perspective as it relates to crime, safety and neighborhood issues. This will allow the Hopewell Police Department to continue our community partnerships that will enable us to improve our services to the citizens of Hopewell.

“We are here to serve our community and having a Chief Advisory Council, we believe, will help us build a collective vision for all of us,” said Chief Kamran Afzal.

Each member selected to serve on the Chief Advisory Council will act as a liaison between his or her community/profession and the Police Department. The Chief Advisory Council will meet on a monthly basis.

To be eligible to serve on the Chief Advisory Council, members must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be a city resident;
  • Be a business owner operating within the city and licensed for the profession by the city;
  • Be a Leader of a faith based organization within the city limits and/or;
  • Be a member of a non-profit serving the citizens of Hopewell.

The initial appointment to the Chief Advisory Council will be at the discretion of the Hopewell Police Department’s Chief of Police. If interested please contact Mrs. Devron Reid at ddreid@hopewellva.gov.

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