City Assistance with Transporting “Bulk Waste” during the Pandemic Shutdown

May 8, 2020


Contact Information:                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Herbert Bragg, PH: (804) 541-2270            Friday, May 8, 2020
Director, Intergovernmental & Public Affairs
Release Number: 5/8/20-DIPA-01

City Assistance with Transporting “Bulk Waste” during the Pandemic Shutdown

HOPEWELL, VA— On April 10, 2020, the City’s contracted waste collector Container First Services (CFS) notified the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority and the City of Hopewell that it wanted to temporary stop “bulk waste” pickup and limit curbside collections to only household garbage stored in the City supplied waste containers. The purpose of this request is to limit touch points that could potentially cause the spread of the Corona Virus.

In an attempt to assist citizens that have no ability to take their bulk waste to the City’s Convenience Center, the Department of Public Works will provide transportation services for furniture and appliances on a case-by-case basis. Below are the criteria for receiving help with transportation:

This service is for the transportation of furniture and appliances only.  No household garbage, yard waste, construction and/or demolition debris will be accepted.

This service will commence on Monday, May 11, 2020. Please call 804-541-2295 in advance to schedule a collection date. A collection service sequence number and date will be assigned by the Department of Public Works when a citizen requests the service.

Citizen must load all of their own bulk waste into the back of a 4-foot high, city owned, dump truck. No city employee will assist in a manner that requires handling the waste.

Furniture and appliance loads must be small enough that the material would fit in the back of standard a ½ ton, pick-up truck.

Public Works will call the citizen when the collection crew is one service call away from their house.  If the citizen, or their designee does not show up to load the truck within 10 minutes of the crew’s arrival, the crew will move on to the next service location, and the Public Works administrative staff will attempt to contact the citizen to schedule another visit.

Bulk waste collection days will be Monday and Tuesday each week.

Collections will be performed between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm each day.

For inquiries please contact the Public Works Department at (804) 541-2294 or visit the City’s website at


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