City of Hopewell Prepares for Hurricane Dorian

September 6, 2019


For Further Information Contact:                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Herbert H. Bragg, PH: (804) 541-2270            Thursday, September 5, 2019
Director, Intergovernmental & Public Affairs
Release Number: 9/5/19- DIPA-001

City of Hopewell Prepares for Hurricane Dorian

Hopewell, VA.  The City of Hopewell prepares for Hurricane Dorian. Governor Northam declared a state of emergency on Monday in order to mobilize personnel and resources for storm impact, and to speed the response to those communities that sustain damage from the storm.

Hurricane Dorian remains a powerful storm that has already caused loss of life and serious damage in the Bahamas, Florida and the Carolinas. This storm has produced tropical storm force winds, storm surge, heavy rains, and flooding that will impact much of eastern Virginia overnight and tomorrow.

A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for much of eastern Virginia including Hopewell. The City is prepared to open the Emergency Operations Center if necessary. We will continue to closely monitor the storm throughout tonight and into the weekend.

Unless it is absolutely necessary for you to drive, please stay off roadways until the storm passes and Virginians are out of potential danger. This will allow our Public Safety officials and Public Works crews to safely perform recovery work.

We strongly encourage the community to act now to complete preparations before  conditions becomes hazardous. Dominion Energy is expecting a significant impact to the power grid. Therefore, prepare and or double check your emergency preparedness kit.

City of Hopewell Prepares for Hurricane Dorian

Citizens of Hopewell should purchase any final emergency supplies they need to sustain their family during and after the storm by this evening. For a recommended list of emergency supplies please visit

For those citizens who depend on electricity for medical equipment and charging of communications devices, ensure all batteries are fully charged throughout the duration of the storm and purchase extra batteries or alternate charging devices before the storm.

Continue to follow the National Weather Service Wakefield on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on watches and warnings. Download the FEMA app on your smartphones to receive mobile alerts from the National Weather Service including advisories watches and warnings.


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