Office on Youth

The City of Hopewell, Office on Youth (OOY) is dedicated to creating and supporting an environment for youth, from birth to age 25, to thrive as they discover their potential, develop their purpose, and nurture their gifts and talents. The OOY is dedicated to empowering youth to find and use their voice, develop a healthy sense of self, and make lasting positive contributions to Hopewell and the world at large.


Empowering City of Hopewell Youth (from birth to age 24) to live their lives driven with purpose, fueled by creativity and innovation, and awakened by passion.


Transforming a community where youth thrive, one young person at a time

The Office on Youth will:

  • Create a safe space for honest, supportive, and respectful youth centered relationships to flourish
  • Provide youth with experiences and resources necessary to successfully navigate their lives
  • Facilitate open communication between youth, families, programs and organizations that serve youth, and government agencies to create a youth support network
  • Actively involve youth and families in the development of opportunities, challenges, and policies that affect them
  • Develop awareness of the strengths, abilities, and true potential of youth
  • Support a community where youth thrive and have a powerful voice in the City of Hopewell


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