Photo Contest # 1

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Contest Rules 

soutez-fb-final-ENG-layersWhere can I run my photo contest?
Your website, your Facebook Page Tab and your Facebook App Page.

You are not allowed to run a photo contest on your personal profile timeline. If you don't have a Facebook Page you'll have to create one or migrate your personal profile over.

What are Facebook's requirements for my photo contest page?
Your page must have the official photo contest rules, or a link, somewhere visible and legible.
Your page must show, clearly, who is eligible to enter your photo contest (age, location, etc).
Your contest page (or your terms and conditions which can be linked) must break down what photos you are accepting and what you are not.
Your contest page must say clearly that your campaign is not being sponsored or associated with Facebook.
How am I allowed to ask people to enter my photo contest?
Alongside the submittal of a photo/content, here's how you're allowed to accept entries on Facebook:


Comment or Like a Post
Post on a Page's Timeline
Send a direct message to a Page
Submit lead/contact information through a form
Vote on a photo or respond in a quiz
How am I not allowed to ask people to enter my photo contest?
Here's how you're not allowed to accept entries:


Share a Page
Ask people to tag themselves in a photo that they aren’t in (on Facebook)
Post on their own Timeline
Share on a friend’s Timeline
Require users to Like your Facebook Page (This is called Like-Gating. See below)
What is Like-Gating?**
Like-gating is a form of contest entry in which you require people to Like your Facebook Page in order to enter your contest.

It was a big thing a few years ago, and one of the leading ways that businesses could grow their Followers, but in 2014 it was banned by Facebook. Essentially, the social media giant wanted people to Like brands organically.

Luckily, there are still ways you can encourage people to Like your Page...

1. Create a Share Incentive Click Popup:

The chief word here is "incentive" - essentially you reward your photo contest entrants for Liking your page with more chances to win.

My recommendation is to add this incentive within a click popup so that contest entrants see it as soon as they click "Enter." It can't be the primary method of entry, but you can get some great numbers (and also ask people to share your contest) by giving bonus entries as a reward for an action.

2.Add a Like-Prompt Entry Overlay:

This is a popup which appears as soon as people arrive on your contest page, much like Like-gates did a few years ago. The difference, however, is that a Like-Prompt is optional. You're not requiring visitors to Like your page, simply prompting them to do so.

People can skip it, making your contest within Facebook's guidelines.

If that screenshot is too small, here's what these guidelines say in layman's terms...

  • If something goes wrong with your photo contest, you and your contest entrants cannot hold Facebook liable. Your entrants can't hold Facebook accountable if your business runs a fraudulent campaign and you can't hold them liable if they change something which makes your contest break (or be otherwise disrupted).
  • Photo contest rules must be clearly linked and accessible from the contest entry page. My recommendation is to download and fill out the template I've provided below, embed it on a page of your website, and then link from your contest page (as it's quite a long bit of text).
  • You must specify who is eligible to enter. In many countries, for instance, it's illegal to have minors enter a contest online. Also make sure you're only getting entrants from your target market.
  • The internet is still part of the world. Your photo contest rules must consider the country and state/province you're in. The internet isn't international waters.
  • Photo contests must be hosted by a Page, and can't be run by a personal profile (if you need to migrate, learn how here).
  • You must include, somewhere, the fact that your photo contest is not sponsored by or affiliated with Facebook in any way...