Planning Commission/Wetlands Board


  • Meets the first Thursday of each month at 6PM
  • City Hall
    300 North Main Street Hopewell, VA 23860


    • Christopher Ward – Staff Member
    • Paul Reynolds  – Chairman/Member
      Term expires October 31, 2025
    • Todd Butterworth – Member
      Term expires October 31, 2024
    • Fara Jenkins – Member
      Term expires October 31, 2023
    • Carlos Roman – Member
      Term expires August 31, 2026

Number of Members: Five- Members
Term of Service: Four-year terms

This Commission shall consist of five (5) members. The five (5) members shall be appointed by City Council. The qualifications of the five (5) appointed members shall be that each is a resident of the City, has an active role in Hopewell, qualified by knowledge and experience to make decisions on questions of community growth and development. The members shall be appointed on a split of two (2) members at one time and three (3) members at another time, with the time coinciding with the election of the new City Council. The appointments shall begin on November 1. Any vacancy in membership shall be filled by appointment of the City Council and shall be for the unexpired term only. Any member may be removed by the City Council for, neglect of duty or malfeasance in office. An appointed member’s term of office shall expire immediately prior to the beginning of the regular November meeting at which meeting the successor’s term of office shall begin.

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