CRC Monthly Review Meeting: October 20, 2020

Citizens Review Committee (CRC) – Monthly Review Meeting:

On October 20, the below listed Administrative/Internal Affairs cases were presented to and reviewed by the committee. Members were in agreement with all of the recommended dispositions with the exception of one member dissenting for a higher level of discipline in #AD 2020-001 and two members dissenting for a higher level of discipline in #AC 2020-010.


OPS # Alleged Violation Type Initiated (Internally/Externally)
AD 2020-001 Unsatisfactory Performance Internally
AD 2020-004 Confidentiality Externally
AD 2020-005 Body Worn Camera Internally
AD 2020-010 Body Worn Camera Internally
AC 2020-004 Motor Vehicle Accident Internally
UF 2020-003 Use of Force Internally
UF 2020-004 Use of Force Internally
CC 2020-005 Courtesy Externally
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