Office of Professional Standards

The purpose of the Office of Professional Standards is to ensure the integrity of the Hopewell Police Department through the objective and intensive investigation of allegations of police misconduct. Integrity and reputation of a police force are vital if it is to accomplish its mission.

Under the Chief’s direction, the Office of Professional Standards is responsible for investigating all citizen complaints involving excessive force, abuse of authority, rudeness, general conduct, civil rights violations, as well as complaints made by department members against other employees. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for tracking and maintaining files for all complaints.

An internal inspection process is an integral instrumentality for monitoring and evaluating the quality of the department’s operations, thereby serving to validate that the department’s mission and goals are being pursued. Routine compliance inspections and audits are carried out to measure the department’s compliance with city policies and departmental directives. This regular assessment serves to ensure that operating budgets are prudently managed and wisely expended. The results of these inspections and audits are then used by the Chief of Police and Senior Command Staff as a means for assessing the police department’s efficiency and effectiveness. The assimilation of information from the inspection process provides guidance essential for implementing change.

How to make a complaint with the Office of Professional Standards
If you have an allegation of misconduct to report, please choose from the options below:

  1. Report the incident to an on-duty police supervisor.
    Police supervisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To request to speak with a police supervisor regarding an allegation of misconduct, call (804) 541-2222
  2. Report the incident at any police headquarters.
    Police supervisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are available to accept complaints at Police Headquarters, located at 150 W. Randolph Road Hopewell, VA 23860.
  3. Report the incident directly to the Office of Professional Standards.
    To make a complaint directly to the Administrative Lieutenant in the Office of Professional Standards, call (804) 541-2273 during normal business hours. You may also email directly to

For more information, contact:
Office of Professional Standards
Hopewell Police Department
150 W. Randolph Road Hopewell, VA 23860
(804) 541-2273

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