Preparedness Downloads

Preparedness Downloads

71% Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane Sandy, taught us that disaster preparedness must start with you, the citizen. Your preparations ahead of time are the key to ensuring the safety and survivability of you, your family, and your business. A survey of citizens in the Commonwealth found that:

a high percentage of Virginians do not have four essentials, which indicate a minimum level of preparedness:

  • Three days’ pre-packaged food
  • Three days’ water (gallon/person/day)
  • Working battery powered radio with NOAA weather band and extra batteries
  • Written family emergency plan


It is our goal to help you make those necessary preparations for an emergency. The downloads and links listed below on emergency preparedness can help you and your family take the three simple yet necessary steps to get prepared:

  • 1) Build a Kit
  • 2) Make a Plan
  • 3) Stay informed

Downloadable Brochures:

Online Resources: