Recreation Commission

The seven (7)-member Commission is appointed by City Council to four (4)-year terms of office. (NOTE: Per Council action 4/23/02 add one male and one female, rising high school junior and rising high school senior, as non-voting members. The first year one (1) junior and one (1) senior will be appointed. The junior will serve two (2) years and the senior one (1)-year. Thereafter all terms will be for two (2) years; terms from June 1 thru May 31.) The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Council. It suggests policies affecting recreational programs, personnel, finance, and the acquisition and disposal of properties related to total community recreational programs. The Commission shall advise in the equipping and maintenance of the parks, playgrounds, and recreational centers. Policies established by the Commission are subject to the approval of the City Manager. Meeting Time and Place: Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Hopewell Community Center, 100 W. City Point Rd., Hopewell, VA. Staffed by the Recreation Department.



Member Term expires
Rogers Henry 01/31/21
Laura Sutton 11/31/20
Terence Doctor 01/31/21
Janelle Taylor 10/31/18
Anthony Sylvester 10/31/21
Gregory Cuffey, Jr. 08/31/17

     (1 vacancy – HHS Senior Class Representative)

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