Talent Bank

Hopewell City Council is now accepting applications for it’s Boards and Commissions. Please Read Announcement!!!


Vacancies become available through expiration of terms, and through resignations. Contact the City Clerk’s Office at (804) 541-2408, or by e-mail cityclerk@hopewellva.gov, for a list of Boards and Commissions – Term -Vacancies (or click here to apply) and for additional information. If a vacancy is available, a Talent Bank Resumé should be completed and returned to the City Clerk’s Office along with a short job resumé (for an Adobe Acrobat printable form, click here). If no vacancy exists, the Resumé will remain on file for one (1) year.


Members are encouraged to attend Boards, Commissions, Authorities Scheduled meetings to the board, commission, and/or authority to which they have been appointed. Any member of a Council-appointed Board/Commission shall be considered to have resigned if absent for three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings unless the Chairman shall report extenuating circumstances to the Clerk of Council. (From Policy set by City Council on September 27, 1988.)

Members should be willing to attend City Council meetings when an item is on the Council Agenda regarding the Board/Commission to which the member is appointed.

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