Terence Doctor, YSC Member

Terence Doctor is a native of Queens, NY, he moved to the state of Virginia at the age of 4 and finally moved to Hopewell City in 1997. He is the father of two children, Cameron and Peyton. He and Peyton have their own Facebook TV Series called Pey day & Daddy, geared towards his journey in Parenthood. Terence is a graduate of Hopewell High School and is currently attending Liberty University working towards his degree in Christian Counseling. Working with the youth and in the community has always been a passion of his since he was 12 years old. He enjoys seeing growth, love, support and unity.

Terence is the creator and director of Blueprint toManhood, a program for young men ages 7-17 which
provides life lessons, mentorship and support to help build up
young men. He is also member of the grass-roots organization, Organization of Churches and Concerned Citizens (OC3). He is a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization which provides children
facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally-supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for better. Terence also serves as a youth advisor for his church, Mt. Olivet
Baptist Church of Petersburg. His goal is to inspire the next generation by being a positive example for the youth to look up to. His motivating factor is to be living proof to our future leaders that all things are possible if you put God first and go after your dreams.

His advice to all young people is to never give up! Life will have its ups and downs but never give up. He lives by the mantra to be the change you seek and to trust all things will work together if you believe. He strives to teach the youth to make their mark on the world, be great, work hard and love one another.

Terence would like to see more unity in his community with community forums, events, programs and community team building. He joined the Hopewell Youth Services Commission to work for the youth as an activist, advocate, motivational speaker and dreamer.

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