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The Office on Youth connects volunteers with opportunities to enhance not only the lives of the youth, but the volunteers’ as well. We know our volunteers could spend their time doing any number of things, but we are so thankful for the investment they are making in the lives of young people and The City of Hopewell!

Visit this page regularly to learn about new opportunities to connect with and support Hopewell youth. Also, register with us as a volunteer and we’ll let you know of future opportunities.

  • Join the City of Hopewell’s Youth Services Commission (YSC)
    • Members of the YSC to oversee the mission and vision for the Office on Youth, under the authority of the City Council. Be a change maker and join your fellow citizens in shaping the future of Hopewell’s youth.
    • Obtain a Talent Bank Resume (TBR) HERE
    • Submit your TBR and Curriculum Vitae/Resume to the Office of the City Clerk located at:

    The YSC meets every 3rd Monday of each month at City Hall.

    If you don’t see an opportunity that seems like a fit, register to volunteer today. We’ll get you connected to an opportunity that utilizes your skills in the future!

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